Is a movie a primary or secondary source?

For the first question, participants indicated their liking of the film on a scale of 1–10 using a sequence of radio-buttons. For the second and third questions, the participants indicated their willingness-to-watch the film, and their willingness-to-refer the movie (i.e., to share the video on their Facebook account), by selecting either a yes or a no check box on the screen. Three behavioral metrics were constructed based on participants stated preferences. The likeability metric is defined as the average liking score across all participants and viewings of each movie-trailer. The willingness-to-watch metric and the willingness-to-refer metric were calculated as the fraction of yes-responses, across participants and viewings, to the willingness-to-watch and willingness-to-refer questions, respectively.

Through a series of unfortunate events, Marty is sent back to 1955, where he befriends the teenage versions of his dad and mom—whose advances he is forced to fend off. But by interfering in his own family history, Marty is unwittingly rewriting, and possibly erasing, his own future. Back to the Future Part II, released in 1989, took a somewhat less successful leap forward to a fanciful 2015, while the final installment in the trilogy, released in 1990, added a Western spin. All told, however, the franchise’s self-lacing shoes, DeLoreans, and hoverboards have all rightfully earned Back to the Future a place in sci-fi cinema history. Fields started out as an actor, starring in a string of films and television shows between the 80s and early 2000s, one of them being 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut with Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
It gives the story—which takes place in a version of America where 20 percent of the population is hooked on the powerful Substance D—a trippy, hallucinogenic feel. The movie features Robert Downey Jr., Woody Harrelson, and Winona Ryder in varying states of paranoia, and it follows an undercover operative working for a government that’s using invasive, high-tech surveillance to get a handle on the war on drugs. Sci-fi pioneer Ridley Scott’s Alien follows the crew of a commercial space ship—led by the kickass Ellen Ripley —who are sent to investigate Ripley’s claims of a race of alien beings that overtook her previous ship, the Nostromo. It doesn’t take long for the team to encounter their first pair of murderous alien life-forms, the infamous face-huggers, and witness the trail of death and destruction they leave in their wake. The film’s claustrophobic atmosphere was inspired by classic sci-fi stories, but it struggled to secure financing until Star Wars showed that audiences were thirsting for spectacularly made sci-fi.
The meta thing worked, clearly, and Swingers (Favreau’s first screenplay and both his and Vaughn’s first lead role) became a forever hit. It grossed nearly 20 times what it cost to make it, video rentals soared for decades after and it added “Vegas, Baby! These were creative, challenging films that nevertheless found mainstream audiences , which led to the powerhouse studios hoovering up independent film companies. The finished film,The Itch of the Golden Nitwas broadcast on BBC TV in summer 2011. Preceding this, CBBC’s Blue Peter followed the real-life production process and encouraging kids to get involved. It was also screened in Trafalgar Square and on London 2012 Live Sites in cities across the UK, as part of London 2012 Open Weekend.
At the center of the film is linguist Louise Banks , whose attempts to connect with the aliens bring back unsettling visions of her daughter Hannah, who tragically passed away at the age of 12. The premise of the film—first contact, unfamiliar aliens, existential threat—is tried and tested, especially in the sci-fi genre, but in the hands of modern day master Denis Villeneuve, it turns into a meditation on communication, uncertainty, and love. Inception plays out like a James Bond film inside a heist film inside a Christopher Nolan film, with all the layers of complexity and intrigue that implies.
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